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Proven Techniques

Proven Techniques

PROVEN techniques for risk-reduced driving. Everything you need to get your permit, license, insurance discount, and tax rebate! Start the process here.

Low Price

Super Low Price

Complete your Drivers Education for only $55 with the most comprehensive, informative, easy-to-use, online course on the market in Georgia. Take advantage of this great deal, order here.

99% No Injuries

99% No Injuries

99% of the students completing our course did not have an injury-related accident in the first year!

Georgia State Licensed

State Licensed

This course is state licensed by the Georgia Department of Driver Services. See how easy it is to order and begin!

GA Online Drivers with its proven VDrive (Virtual Drive of Georgia) methodology is STATE LICENSED and provides your child (or you) with the newest and most accepted information and training techniques needed to start a safe driving career.

Everything you need to get your permit, license, insurance discount (ck with your insurance provider), and tax rebate of up to $150!

  • 30 hours of Instruction in our Virtual Classroom
  • Full Parent In-Car Driver Training Guides
  • Over 20 videos integrated in curriculum
  • All GA Dept. of Driver Services Required Forms
  • Electronic Worksheets and Assessments
  • Completion Certificate
  • Complete Technical Support
  • A full 12 Months to complete the Course

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Advantages of

  • Ability of Student and Parent to utilize the comfort of their own computer environment

    Students learn at their own pace having 12 months to complete although most do it very quickly as it is interactive, fun and easy using our techniques. Students have complete flexibility with their time. More importantly, the students use learning techniques that have been proven to be superior to conventional classroom training.

  • Computer Based Training

    These techniques are used in most large business and government training environments. The reason, every student is unique, every student learns and responds in unique ways. Some students respond to visuals, others to auditory, others to reading and still others to hands on (kinetic learning).

  • Virtual Drive

    GA Online Drivers

    GA Online Drivers uses all of these techniques with its proven and state licensed VDrive (Virtual Drive of Georgia) methodology. This learning method has been proven to be superior in overall retention and comprehension. We are the only course available today that combines both industry standard and state required material along with this cutting-edge learning technology. Why don't you click here to try out an online demo?

Client Testimonials

  • My dad was going to sign me up for drivers ed at the local high school, just as my brothers had done before me, when I mentioned that one of my friends had taken drivers ed online. He checked out several companies, picked the best, and ending up saving $240. is perfect for my "computer" generation. I could work on my own time from my own computer... or even computers at school or the library. I didn't have to get up early on my summer vacation to sit in another classroom and finished the course much quicker than I planned because the interactive lessons were fun and made learning easy. I passed the test with flying colors and mailed me the certificate to take to GA Department of Driver Services so I can get my license before I turn 17. I highly recommend Now if I can just get my dad to give me some of the savings toward a car!!! - G. A. J., Atlanta, Georgia